Safetyhill Studio

Aspen Brain Lab

UX design for Aspen Brain Lab


Website Re-Design

UX testing
SEO Engineer



May 2016 - June 2016


Kissane Viola Design; ABL’s Graphic Designer;

Kissane Viola Design;


Overview :

The Aspen Brain Lab wanted a full website that would both be visible to search engines, clearly state information about the event, and sell tickets.

Goal & Strategy :

The goal of the project was to provide information to attendees and sell tickets to the public who have an interest in attending. The strategy used was a wide-screen responsive website that would be easy to read on any device for the target demographic. This design included a page displaying speakers with their own biography and picture which narrows from 4 columns to 2 on smaller screens. 




Success :

Success was measured by the satisfaction of the client and the correctness of the information presented.