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dtv consulting


dTv Consulting


dTv Consulting needed a brand identity for upcoming conferences in the digital television industry. The solution was to create an identity that nodded to mathematics with a modern look and feel.




I wanted to give life to the mathematical symbols, so I chose the color because it is a mixture of warm colors and means invention and warmth. I made the logo a one-color logo because it needed to be flexible with other colors. I made the ends of the letters transparent as well, so that the logo could be applied to any background color and maintain its style.




The website needed to reflect the nature of the business, so I created graphics alluded visually to the theme of synchronicity that the business encapsulates. I used this as its main call to action. The layout I used showcases the 3 main components of knowledge and experience that are the most important for potential clients to see, then separates them equally and goes into more detail.


Business Cards


The layout of the cards was clean and centered, the one-sided coloration of the logo allows the other side to highlight the color on the writing side as an undercurrent, or moving force of color.